WordPress Design and Development

WordPress is an extremely popular Content Management System, also known as CMS, that allows you to update your websites content with ease. It is also extendable to become any number of other things, including an E-Commerce Website, a forum and lots more.

Our experienced team of developers are able to build and develop your website using WordPress, this can be a simple one page website upto many thousands of pages. We can build a theme that matches with your company brand, integrate third party software, build new plugins, whatever you need, our team will be able to provide it.

WordPress is extremely fast and can be hosted on any server that supports PHP. It is a greatly respected and well known piece of software used by companies such as the BBC and Sony Music. It powers millions of websites and blogs around the world.

To find out more about our WordPress Services, contact us today by clicking here, or call us on 0808 164 9774

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