Remote Working Solutions

Flexible working has become a major part of modern day life, no longer do you have to attend the office to be able to work, many people are now working from home, office, coffee shops and many more places, it has major productivity, health and wellness benefits for you and your staff.

Remote and Flexible working has revolutionised the internet connected world, and has made it so that staff can work from anywhere in the world. This has major benefits for you and your staff, from increasing productivity to reducing sickness.

What are the major benefits of Remote Working ?

  1. Reduced Transmission of Illness and Staff Sickness
  2. Increased Staff Retention Rates
  3. Increased Productivity
  4. Emergency Resilience

How can Remote Working reduce the Transmission of Illness and Staff Sickness?

Commonly, when staff are feeling under the weather, they will weigh up many things, but one of the major factors is travel to work, sitting in traffic or on public transport is tiring and hard work, most of the time your staff will not consider coming into the office due to this. Furthermore, the staff that do decide to make the journey into the office as they are unable to afford the time off further stand the chance of passing the infection onto other staff members.

By enabling your staff to work remotely, this mitigates both of the above issues, your staff members won’t have to travel to the office and will not risk infecting the office, ensuring you get increased productivity and reduced sickness.

How does Remote Working increase my Staff Retention Rates ?

Research has proven that staff are far happier with flexible working, as it allows them a better work and life balance. By allowing staff to work from home, or go home when needed for emergencies, they are able to react to unexpected changes while reducing the impact to your business.

How does Remote Working increase Productivity ?

By allowing your staff to work from somewhere they are more comfortable, they are able to get work done faster and more effectively, there is also less distractions from people in the office. This means that you get increased productivity from your remote working staff.

How does Remote Working make my business Emergency Ready ?

If your business has a major incident, for example a fire or other natural disaster affects your office. Your staff would be unable to work, by allowing remote working your business will be able to recover quickly, ensuring continuity and reducing the impact of a major disaster.

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