Cloud Hosting

Many people these days talk about ‘The Cloud’. it has become a term used by most companies. But what is The Cloud? And why does it make such a big difference to hosting?

Cloud Hosting has revolutionised how the Hosting market looks at services. With the help of virtualization technology, a single server can now do the work of many different servers by splitting into ‘Mini-Servers’. This has helped businesses greatly reduce costs.  These Mini-Servers can also be moved easily between the master servers, enabling increased uptime. This is where the term ‘Cloud Hosting’ came from, because you can move the Mini-Servers just like clouds move through the sky.

Instead of a single customer using a single server or many customers sharing a single server, Cloud Hosting uses thousands of master servers to host your website. Using virtualisation technology Mini-Servers help to keep your website or software online. If an issue is experienced by a single server it will no longer affect the availability of your website. Downtime due to hardware failures is practically eliminated because your data is now held on many different servers all at the same time.

Your website or software will gain a huge increase in speed and reliability by using Cloud Hosting, You will also have the chance to grow quickly as the Mini-Servers’ capabilities can be expanded to fit your business needs at the click of a button. You will no longer have to maintain hardware on site, it’s all handled by a large team of experienced technicians within the Datacenter.

Cloud Hosting is trusted by large Government organisations such as the NHS and is used by businesses of every size, allowing them to expand freely while saving money, time and effort.

If you need assistance moving your website or software from onsite into the cloud, we also offer a Cloud Migration service, you can read more about this service by clicking here.

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