Bespoke Software Development

The Forge Digital has been developing high quality software for over ten years. We have built systems in various business sectors to the specific needs of our clients. These include Customer Relationship Management, Stock Management, E-Commerce and Resource Planning software. We use a variety of technologies, including PHP, .NET, Laravel, MYSQL, MSSQL and many more.

We will work with you to establish your software requirements from the outset. It is important for us to have a good understanding of your business. Where possible, we will visit your premises to get a feel for your business, to help fulfill the needs of those who use the applications daily. We follow a set plan to ensure that your software will not only meet your business needs, but often exceed them.
  1. Initial Project Scope. We will ask you to fill out an online questionnaire detailing any issues your business currently faces. We then use this information to develop a software plan tailored to your business needs.
  2. Development of Project Scope. After the initial assessment, we provide a detailed plan of the software agreed upon by both parties. This includes a full specification of the proposed software, its features and a timescale for the work to take place. The plan is also tailored to suit your budget.
  3. Development of the Software. Once we have completed the assessment of your business, the real works begins. The timescale of the project will vary depending on its complexity. We will provide regular updates of how the work is progressing. You will also receive pre-release access to your software under our development systems. This will allow you to review the project on a regular basis.
  4. Software Testing. This important phase is where we ensure that every requirement detailed in your Project Scope is functional. At this stage, we will visit your premises again to spend time demonstrating the system with your team. This also allows your users to identify any further functions or enhancements that you may need. Our agile working practises allow us to take a flexible approach to this feedback.
  5. Day One. This is the day that your software opens to your users. We provide both onsite and offsite support for your team to ensure that they are up and running quickly. This ensures a smooth transition for your users and allows us to resolve any issues in real time.
  6. Post Day One. We provide ongoing support for the software after its launch. This support can continue for the lifetime of the software if needed. This ensures that your software is always up to date with critical security protection. We can also introduce new features and changes as time goes on. Your software can be extended as required to match the needs of your growing business.
This plan is effective in businesses both small and large. It is our core philosophy, ensuring all work is completed efficiently at no detriment to you or your business.
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